Leg Cramps at Night

Looking for a solution to leg cramps at night? You aren’t alone. Thousands of people every month search for a natural cure to these annoying cramps. Luckily, the answer is an easy as eating a banana. There are also quite a number of other available solutions available. Let’s get started, shall we?

Nighttime leg cramps appear to be caused by a lack of certain minerals in the body. When the ion balance is off, the signals sent from the brain to your legs get mixed up. This imbalance of minerals causing the muscles in your legs to misfire, which gives that sudden cramping sensation. The leg cramps are quite unsettling and tend to come out of no where.

Stretching out your leg and breathing deeply tends to help. The cramps typically pass after a few moments.

Runners are common reports of leg cramps at night. A runner uses up a lot of electrolytes during a long run. It’s possible that it’s this lack of minerals that then causes the cramping of the legs at night.

If your legs are suffering in the nocturnal hours, you have numerous possible remedies.

One natural remedy to leg cramps is to eat a banana, which is high in potassium. Another thing to try is Peter Gillham’s Natural Calm + Calcium which is high in both magnesium and calcium. Other people suggest trying United States of Vitamin’s Herbal Cal by Wish Gardens.

There are also oils and rubs you can apply which might help some users that are having night cramps that aren’t caused by an electrolyte imbalance.

In conclusion, the solutions offered here were numerous, but all affordable for most. Thus, it’s suggested to try numerous solutions until you find a method that works for you to cure leg cramps at night.